Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Recurring Memberships

What is recurring membership?

Recurring membership is a type of membership where payments are automatically performed every month by chagrining your credit card. After that, your membership is extended automatically. This is the main difference between this membership and standard membership, as here you don’t need to worry about payments and validity of your membership – the whole process is automatized.

What are the advantages of recurring membership?

Recurring membership differs from standard (offline) membership in a few things. Most importantly, the price is different. Recurring membership is cheaper and the DISCOUNT that you get at the beginning IS VALID until you cancel your membership. Besides that, you don’t need to worry when your membership will expire, you don’t need to make payments at the reception, or worry about whether you have cash with you – the whole process is AUTOMATIZED. You don’t need to wait at the reception, all can be done online.

Can I pause/freeze recurring membership?

Recurring membership cannot be frozen.

What is included in the membership price?

Your membership includes unlimited comings to the gym during your membership period, access to all locations, access to all group classes, free starting plan for new members, access to cardio zone, as well as usage of girl’s gym.

Is the discount on recurring membership valid only in the first month, or during the whole course of membership?

The discount that you receive the first time that you buy recurring membership shall be valid as long as you are a member of Non Stop Fitness, i.e. until you cancel your membership.

Can I cancel recurring membership?

You can cancel renewal membership. In order not to be charged for the next month, it is necessary to cancel before the beginning of the billing period.

How do I change credit card through which recurring membership payments are done?

You need to log in to your user account (you can to that HERE). For login, you use the same data as when you log in to the app. After you’re logged in, go to the section “My Membership” and there you shall see a button for changing the credit card. Press the button and insert new credit card data.

What are the prices for recurring membership?

You can check the prices of recurring membership HERE.

Can I pay recurring membership by DINA credit card?

Yes, you can. But it is necessary to activate your DINA card for online payments with your Bank.

How does payment of recurring membership work?

Payment for the first month shall be done immediately and following payments shall be done on the same date of the following months. Only exception is in the case when you choose that date of commencement of your membership is not the date of initial billing. In that case, next payments shall be initiated after the expiry of your first month of membership, on the date when new membership period begins. If you don’t have enough funds on your account, the app shall try to collect membership for the following 5 days period.

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